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Automatically ping seznam.cz to index new content in Drupal 7

Posted on 18. September 2015 - 18:11 in category Drupal 7

Seznam.cz is local competitor of Google search engine with similar market share in Czech Republic. It is well known for really slow indexing of new pages. Typical indexing time is days or weeks for small to medium sites. I found a simple solution to make it quicker.

Request indexation of page

Unfortunatelly Seznam.cz has no tool like Google Search Console. One and only possibility is request indexation of page via form. It's oficially recommended method for quicker indexing of new or modfifed pages. Note: Seznam.cz has crawling bot called FreshBot which is designated to quickly index new pages via RSS feeds (promises new content in search results under 5 minutes). But it's designated for large sites eq. news, magazines,...

Request automatically

Let's use XML sitemap module for that. I will not discuss basics what is sitemap and why use this module on every content site. I think every good Drupal developer already used this module several times. Did you know that it's in top 20 by installation count?

Check if you have already enabled submodule called XML sitemap engines. Then continue to settings page admin/config/search/xmlsitemap/engines and adjust configuration. I attached my configuration below.

Now everything works out of the box. When new content is published search engines Google, Bing and Seznam are pinged and your site will be indexed much quicker. It's most useful for sites which are updated infrequently.

Note: Do not forget to specify path to your sitemap file in robots.txt, it's mandatory for Seznam!