Drupal developer


Is Drupal suitable for your project? Drupal is an open source content management system which is used to develop web sites, e-commerce or intranet applications. It can be customized according to your needs thanks to the number of modules available. Tell me about your needs. I'm here to help.

Drupal theme development

Have you got a graphic website template? I'm here to build a Drupal template from it. My themes are based on Omega or Boostrap framework. I use Display Suite module for content alignment. CSS preprocessors are real timesaver, LESS is my favourite.

Responsive web design

Your website will have optimal viewing experience on the phone screen, tablet or desktop computer.

Retina optimization

HiDPI displays are rapidly expanding, so keep sharp images at all times.

Search engine optimization

The correct on page SEO is obvious, but many web sites still does not use the full power of microdata.


The entire Drupal is built around jQuery library, which I'm using for interactive elements.

Drupal module development

Drupal ecosystem has many great modules which can be easily extended with API. I programmed several payment gateways for Drupal Commerce / Ubercart, imports and exports for accounting software / delivery companies, etc. There are many ways to achieve same results from using well-known module to developed custom module. I always try to balance which variant is better for your project.

Drupal coding standards

The code that I write is in line with Drupal standards. This makes it easier to maintain.

Active member of the Drupal community

I'm a member of the Drupal Association and approved developer.

Updating your Drupal installation / troubleshooting

Don't you have an administrator who would take care about your Drupal installation? I examine possible problems and suggest optimal solutions. My preference is long-term cooperation over single job. I follow security issues and address them before you learn about them.