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Drupal developer since 2008. I'm Petr Parimucha, offering comprehensive services from Drupal architecture plan or website development to long-term support.

I'm experienced in developing complex sites with multilanguage support, e-commerce or intranets. I look forward to working with you.

25 Feb

Mandrill is dead. What's your other options?

Today I found email from Mandrill in my inbox starting "Important Changes to Mandrill". I was very suprised, that this useful service is shutting down being merged into Mailchimp.

31 Dec

How to prevent cache_form table to get too big in Drupal 7

​Recently, a web hosting company I use sent me an email warning me about exceeding allowed size of the database. The limits are quite restrictive in this case. I had to deal with this issue based on a client request. I found out that the problem was in cache tables, especially the cache_fom table. It consumed about 80 % of the total space. But why?