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I am attending DrupalCon Prague 2022 which is again happening like an in person conference and encourage you to join me. The conference is hosted in Czech republic at O2 Universum from 20 to 23 September.

Today I found email from Mandrill in my inbox starting "Important Changes to Mandrill". I was very suprised, that this useful service is shutting down being merged into Mailchimp. On the other hand development in last months signalized that something is in the air.

​Recently, a web hosting company I use sent me an email warning me about exceeding allowed size of the database. The limits are quite restrictive in this case. I had to deal with this issue based on a client request. I found out that the problem was in cache tables, especially the cache_fom table. It consumed about 80 % of the total space. But why?

Drupal 7 come bundled with simple search module. It has almost no configuration and many limitations. But many of them could be solved with custom view. Things like searching in certain content types, languages or ajax pagination is one click away! Moreover I show you how to create own views area plugin.

There are many ways how you can improve user experience. One of them is proper use of HTML5 elements. Unfortunatelly Drupal 7 was released before these elements were  widely used.

Seznam.cz is local competitor of Google search engine with similar market share in Czech Republic. It is well known for really slow indexing of new pages. Typical indexing time is days or weeks for small to medium sites. I found a simple solution to make it quicker.

It could be quite challenging to theme Drupal output, especially if you want to use the Bootstrap framework. It's crucial to be able to modify the markup as you want. One of the typical elements of a multilanguage site is language switcher. Today I will show you how to create Bootstrap 3 language dropdown switcher by theme function.

Google Tag Manager is a well known service which helps programmers and marketers work separately. The Commerce Google Tag Manager module which I've developed creates a bridge between Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Drupal Commerce (DC).